Apple Stock and iVideo: Relevant to Sports?

Could Apples stock skyrocket with the launch of a platform to distribute user generated content?

Could the rising apple stock and potential launch of an iVideo platform have an effect on sports Journalism?

Eric Savitz recently wrote a blog post for Forbes.comin which he chronicles how web video has been undergoing massive changes over the past 10 days. Cisco announced it was discontinuing its popular line of Flip video, and Savitz makes the statement that Apple is now the largest distributor of handheld, mobile video devices.

The iPhone 4 can shoot very high quality HD video (just as good as the HD Flip cameras used to do), and that feature is bundled along with all the other great apps on the iPhone. It’s no wonder that Apple’s stock has been skyrocketing as of late with the popularity of the iPhone and its unique features.

YouTube is currently the most used platform for distributing video content in sports journalism. My department at work uses it, along with nearly every other Sports Information Department in the country. Flip cameras (we use Kodak’s Zi8) are so prevalent in sports today that any shift in another direction would require a major adjustment for people.

Google has announced that it is doing away with Google Video, giving users a deadline of May 13 to re-download their content before it’s deleted. YouTube has announced plans to move away from user generated content and more toward branded channels for companies and users. If that’s the case, how does that affect sports journalists that  use YouTube for quick, unedited videos?

YouTube is seemingly trying to gain more targeted audiences, which means more big time advertising dollars on its site. If Apple could create an iVideo platform that rivals YouTube’s user generated platform, it would create a shift in which platform they’re using.

YouTube seemingly wants allow users to “cut through the crap” of users uploading funny videos about cats or something random to more high-quality productions (and therefore bigger dollars). Apple stock could be a major factor in this.

Right now, Apple is “cool.” Apple stock is on the rise because people like the user friendly products. Even Apple product names sound user friendly- iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.

Savitz points out in his article that Apple is building a $1 billion data farm in North Carolina. The only thing a data farm that large could be used for is large amounts of server space – probably for hosting video that has been uploaded.

Apple is already on the rise, and Google seemingly seems to be trending down. Apple stock would only continue to rise if could develop a more user friendly website to rival YouTube. Apple just surreptitiously dropped the price of its top-of-the-line editing software (Final Cut Pro) form $999 to $299, seemingly to encourage people to start producing more high-quality edited videos.

YouTube is going to more branded channels. Could this mean an opening for Apple to launch its own platform to compete with YouTube?

So, why would Apple encourage people to shoot video with its products (iPhone 4 HD video), edit it in Final Cut, but have to use a Google based service (YouTube) to distribute the content? I think people would flock to an Apple based iVideo platform simply because it would be standardized for use with the iPhone and Final Cut. I can only guess that Apple would somehow provide users an incentive to use its platform over YouTube.

However this plays out, it will be interesting to follow. Apple’s stock may be on the verge of exploding. 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute right now. If Apple can tap into that niche, its stock is in for a pleasant surprise.


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21 years young. Senior PR student at the University of Memphis. Student intern for Memphis Athletic Media Relations. Follow me @p_mcclellan.

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  1. Great post, and interesting thoughts. Will be curious to see how its traffic looks.

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