Sports: The Only Game on TV

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Author: Anthony Crupi, Mediaweek

Sports: The Only Game on TV

Sports and Money.

Those two words go hand in hand—they always have, and they always will. It’s never been more apparent than it is today.

With the ever expanding cable network and more people able to watch games, the market and advertising world in sports is nearly getting out of hand. Conference are launching their own cable networks and making boatloads of money from it.

Take the Big Ten Network for example. It’s a cable television station that contracts with companies like Comcast, Dish Network, and Direct TV, to allow those providers to “sell” its channel to consumers. In return, the Big Ten Conference writes a check to each member school, with each university receving over $20 million last year alone.

With those kind of dollars rolling in through cable television, how does network TV keep up? That’s a key question Anthony Crupi brings up in this article. Right now, NBC is staying afloat with its Sunday Night Football broadcast. But, what happens when a cable station makes the NFL a sweeter offer?

It’s an interesting trend and something certainly worth keeping an eye on.

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